Printing is an important part of business even today when many companies have online presences and even conduct the majority of their business online. Printing is simply something that will never go obsolete, so if it is an important aspect of your business, or even if it's just for personal use, the printouts matter. This is especially true in the area of faxing, when the right fax HP Q2612A will mean the difference between fax pages that are clear and legible and fax pages where nothing can be made out. There is nothing worse than receiving a fax from an important client or associate only to find out that you can't read it because of the toner. You then have to go back to the client or associate and have it re-faxed, which reflects badly on the company. Here are some reasons why the right Dell 1260 Toner Cartridge make a difference in printing.

The first reason has been noted, which is the ultimate print out. If the fax toner cartridge has not been replaced or has been in the fax for longer than a few months without use, the print outs will look terrible. The ink within the toner begins to dry after long periods of no use, so the next time you go to receive a fax, there will be smudges on the paper, or the ink will come out in a fine print. Either way, the faxed paper will be difficult to read. The fax toner cartridges need to be switched out so that the print outs that come through from important clients can be as crystal clear as possible to avoid any mistakes on orders or other matters.

Since fax toner cartridges do dry out, it's important to read the manual and find out exactly how long a toner cartridge can last without use. Some businesses or individuals have fax machines but rarely use them, which leaves the toner sitting inside the fax machine. When it comes time to send or receive a fax, that is when you notice the ink doesn't work as well. Testing the fax machine out periodically will help keep the toner fresh so that when you do have to receive a fax, it comes through clearly.
It could also be that you have an incorrect toner in the fax machine. If you inserted a toner that doesn't match up with the brand of fax machine you have, the print outs will look bad, or the fax machine may not function at all. Make sure that if you buy generic toner ink, or refill your toner ink, it is the same brand as the fax machine.

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