1, HP printer does not feed fault repair HP
CF230A Toner Cartridges has a certain requirement for paper, 40 grams of the following paper, easy to use in the heating roller, if forced to pull out the paper, may make the cardboard detection sensor off, will make the paper break, the remaining part of the more Hard to take out. After the front cover of the printer is opened, there is a green button on the left side of the printer, pushing upwards, and you can easily remove the jam. If you do not take the paper, it is best to ask the professional maintenance personnel to open the case to remove the paper. More than 100 grams of paper because the paper is too thick, rubbing paper and paper between the friction is too large, easy to cause the pickup roller premature aging, there is no paper phenomenon. The general solution is to open the printer, the pickup roller for nap, artificially increase its friction. But this method is not effective, can not take three months, then they will appear the same failure. There is also a way to replace the pickup roller, but must go to the HP special service center to go. I found in the maintenance process, if the pickup roller at the same time, on both sides of the pickup wheel on the plastic control wheel evenly coated with a lap grease. In this way, can be used for more than a year. If there is no paper feeding phenomenon, as long as the grease can be coated with grease.

2, HP printer heating fault repair
CE278A toner printer with a heating plate for heating, because the heating film is very thin, sometimes because the cardboard will cause serious heatsink pieces, sometimes heating the film below the temperature sensor premature aging, the printer appears three lights full, without any action. At this time you can replace the heater. The heated part of the HP6L can be replaced as a whole, or it can be replaced in part (heating plate, heating film, roller). I encountered in the maintenance process must be replaced by the roller, the reason is not natural roller aging, often human factors - mostly cardboard, with a child, knife and other sharp objects in the process of taking the paper, the glue Roller surface scratches, causing ruggedness.

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