If you work with laser printer that you must familiar with the print cartridge and you should be know the toner also. At present, there are two types of toner on the market, one is the original imported toner and another one is domestic toner. Today, let us talk about the difference between domestic toner and imported original toner.
The original import toner advantage as follow:
1. Waste powder rate is low: the rate of waste powder is low, so that greatly increase the utilization of toner, and it will increase the quantity of print also;
2. High transfer rate: Waste powder rate is low that means the toner has high utilization of the powder, the original import toner has high transfer rate and long service life;
3. Ultrafine particles: the toner looks like a ball and the sharp is round, non-diamond, it will reduce the wear and tear between the drum and the printer and it will extend the life of the equipment;
4. Fixing fast: the toner fixing fast and has the strength absorption. It is so hard to fill flux and waste toner;
5. Beautiful colors: the toner sharp looks particles fine and uniform, the printed documents looks so clearly and nature;
6. Green and odorless: no unpleasant smells and toxic white gas when printed. It is good for our environment.
V4INK toner cartridge choose the original import toner and can help you print high-quality documents, photos, and graphics. This cartridge produces a rich black toner that gives your documents a crisp, clear, professional look, is installed easily and the same as the OEM brand, whatever you choose which brand and model, the print quality is perfect, such as cf230a toner.

The disadvantage and advantage of domestic toner as follow:
1. Low price: iron oxide;
2. High rate of waste powder;
3. Coarse particles: the toner looks into an irregular shape and it will increase the wear for the drum surface.
4. Rough colors.
5. Emitting harmful gases when printing.

It is the difference between domestic toner and imported original toner, when we choose the toner cartridge that we can ask the toner type in advance and it will help us make the final decisions. Good toner will protect the toner cartridge and printer, it will save the cost in the long term.

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