Today we will discuss the Brother series laser printer. Of course the printer cartridge is essential point for printer. Except to maintain the printer cartridge, how to use it fully is also a very important question.

About the Brother series laser printer, because of having superior printing performance and convenient operation performance, there are a considerable number of users in the community. However, due to its expensive supplies and its use of the cartridge is very easy to fatigue, when it is tired, the cartridge surface can not be de-energized, the print media will leave a very "heavy" background color, a direct impact on the printing effect .Although the foregoing also mentions that rubbing the toner cartridge with chromium oxide can eliminate the fatigue of the toner cartridge, this method may not be feasible. Because chromium oxide is solid (insoluble), it can damage the drum surface when it is used to wipe the drum surface. Some friends tried this method, but no effect, and the cartridge surface damage is very serious. After many tests, we also found a very simple way to eliminate the phenomenon of fatigue on the surface of the drum, with this method, brother tn660 toner cartridge can print more than fifteen thousand copies of the manuscript.

Specific methods are as follows: When the toner cartridge fatigue phenomenon, first remove the cartridge shell, in order to prevent damage to the surface of the cartridge, a soft cloth can be used to wrap the surface of the cartridge, remove the casing, carefully remove the cartridge, put it in the sun a To two hours, although the printer manual is strictly prohibited to put the toner cartridge in the sun. But this method is indeed effective, dead horse anyway as a living horse to treat it! Then pour out the toner inside the waste toner box, use a small screwdriver to move back and forth in the waste toner box mouth, the toner will soon come out, so as to prevent the powder from becoming overly "dusty" Of the toner collected upside down toner cartridge, but also save you a sum of money. After the soft drum for cleaning up the cartridge surface and some parts of the cartridge, the completion of the installation of the cartridge, that is done. At this moment you will be pleasantly surprised to find that the original obscene script is now "clear" and the original "heavy" background is swept away. The above experiment is a friend's personal experience, every time you can be successful, you may wish to try it effective!

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