For laser printer, it needs to transfer toner from the drum to the paper when printing (at this time, the tn660 toner attached to the paper is also solid particles), and then, with toner information paper And then the toner and the paper are heated by the upper heating roller of the fixing member and the fixing member, and the toner and the paper are heated and the temperature rises abruptly. The toner particles are rapidly melted and heated and heated Pressure roller squeeze, combined with the paper. The combination of toner and paper is in fact the toner penetrates the paper fibers and firmly binds to the paper fibers, which has the ability of the paper to absorb the molten toner, which interacts with the pores of the paper and the penetration of the molten tn420 into the paper , And the size and distribution of paper pores determine the density of the paper, usually speaking, "paper density" refers to the paper fiber density and thickness of the degree, also the size of the capillary, for print quality, the following two points:

(1) If the paper fiber distribution is too loose or paper fiber is too large, the capillary is relatively large, the paper density is small, a large number of molten toner into the paper inside the pores, replacing the air part of the paper pores, causing paper The scattering capacity of the paper is reduced, the transparency of the paper is reduced, the transparency is increased, and the occurrence of the offset phenomenon can easily occur. Once the offset is printed, the detail expression is deteriorated and the image resolution is reduced, and the paper It is easy to produce hair, dust, pollution of the cartridge, resulting in print defects, but also dirty the printer, especially after the optical part of the pollution, easy to cause the printed goods to produce bottom ash; 

(2) paper density is too large. Toner can not quickly penetrate into the paper pores, this is not conducive to the increase in print speed, will also cause fixation is not strong, that imprint has been friction, toner particles will peel off. Need to choose the appropriate size of the paper in order to better protect the quality of printed materials.


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