Non-original supplies are divided into two categories:
One is the production of fraudulent use of original brand, or use the old original packaging packaging refill, that is, counterfeit supplies;
One is not fraudulent use of original brand and original brand generic products, the so-called alternative supplies.
One counterfeit goods because the appearance and original supplies are very similar, or even the use of original packaging packaging re-filling, so the user has a greater deceptive.
Substitute supplies because of its brand is not accepted by consumers, so the production and sale of alternative supplies is not a lot. Weikang Group's Hengge supplies is a substitute supplies, independent research and development production printer cartridges, toner, ink cartridges and other supplies.
The original toner and counterfeit substitutes are very different in terms of processing quality and product composition, resulting in a significant difference in performance.
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Genuine brother tn450: meet the design requirements, have a good triboelectric charge performance. In the development process can be properly adsorbed on the photosensitive drum surface electrostatic latent image, which also has a high transfer rate.
Some small workshops of alternative brother toner cartridge: charge may be too small or too large. Toner charge is too small, and the carrier of the binding force is small, will be photosensitive drum non-image area of ​​the residual potential to attract the copy of the end of the material, while easy to pollute the machine; charged too large, in the transfer process is difficult to leave Carrier, resulting in insufficient development, so that the image fades.
Particle size uniformity
Genuine toner: in different models have different toner particle size requirements, and genuine toner uniformity is very high, the use of genuine toner print image clear, strong sense of hierarchy.
Small workshop alternative toner: the particle size is too small, the toner in the transfer process easily from the carrier and produce bottom ash; granularity is too large, the toner can only be adsorbed in the photosensitive drum surface potential of the highest place, so that imaging blurred.
Toner flow performance
Genuine toner: toner flow light, such as water, and the carrier in close cooperation with the overall concentration of printed materials.
Alternatives to small workshops: Toner fluidity is poor, will form a contaminating film on the surface of the carrier and hinder its friction charged, thus affecting the carrier's life, and even cause the toner itself agglomeration agglomeration.

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