Nowadays, using a new printer MFC-7360N Toner Cartridges is very expensive. If there is a need to print many pages a day at the office, it becomes a part of the regular expenditures. Fortunately, besides cutting down on the pages needed to be printed, there are four ways to maximize the use of an office printer toner cartridge. This will help everyone do away with the piling up of empty and expensive cartridges, make money out of these scraps and help save the environment. The first one would be utilizing compatible remanufactured cartridges such as those from brother tn420.

How does this help? As everyone probably knows, remanufactured toner cartridges are made from cartridges that were cleaned, processed, refilled and repackaged. Imagine how much energy was saved doing the remanufacturing rather than manufacturing a new one? This way, buyers only need to pay a small amount for these products. Brother toner cartridges are definitely cheaper and save an extra amount that can be spent for other office needs.

Another way is to have toner cartridges refilled. If the cartridge is designed to be refilled, then there are a lot of stores that offer cheap toner refills. Using this method helps the earth save energy and reduce the amount of solid wastes in landfills. Empty cartridges that are thrown away add to the harmful waste in the environment.

Exchanging empty cartridges for cash is also a great idea. There are many recyclers that are now buying old toner cartridges. One recycler in Orange, California is a California State Certified Collector. Usually, these agencies accept only tonerjet cartridges and require the sender to send them a minimum of 20 empty cartridges. They pay for the shipping and the cost of these items. These cartridges are then recycled and sent to the market as remanufactured toner cartridges. However, it is important to choose a reliable recycler. Don't let your office stock rooms be filled with these empty scraps. You can sell them for money.

Fourth and finally would be to mail empty cartridges to the makers themselves. There are several services in the U.S. that help those who wish to mail their old and used cartridges for recycling in a mail-back envelope. There is no need to pay for the shipping fees. However, not all post offices provide this kind of service. Those who want to help recycle these empty cartridges need to check from a local post office branch to see if they allow it.

These four ways allow individuals and small and large offices to help save the environment through recycling. They will also cut down some extra expenses allotted for purchasing new toner cartridges.

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