V4ink is not just interested in selling hp 201x toner but are committed to finding ways to help the environment as well as making a difference in your pocket. Our discounted prices have already helped you save money but we think you will benefit from some useful tips on even further savings on cost.

First of all try to reduce the output resolution on your laser printer. Similar to the draft mode on your printer, the laser printer output resolution setting is adjustable. If you are printing at a lower resolution the printer will use less toner. Your printer may be pre-set to 600 dpi or even 1200dpi, if this is the case then try resetting to 300 dpi. Depending on what you are printing, especially text, you will probably not see much of a difference in the print quality of your HP cf217a compatible. The printer will also produce faster print as it has less time to produce ink on the paper.
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In HP printers (or any brand of printer for that matter), the colour HP ink and toner bears the brunt of the cost during the lifetime of the printer. Try setting the printer to print black only and this will ensure that the printer only uses a small amount of colour ink (which it must do either way) to produce a black image as it may currently be configuring the black as much as 30% from the colour cartridge. Some HP toner laser printers have an added feature called ‘Toner Saver’. If this is activated then it will help save toner during the life of the toner cartridge.

Buying the correct toner for your printer may sound like an obvious suggestion but some businesses and home users buy the standard capacity HP laser toner or ink cartridge. Some printers are able to accept a high capacity or XL version of the toner. This ink and toner will print be better value and will print more pages for your euro. Under the same label of the correct toner comes the non-genuine HP ink and toner. Compatible or non-original HP toner laser is readily available and can cost as much as up to 100% less than the genuine article! Good quality compatible HP toner is manufactured by no-HP third-party manufacturers to ISO standard and is guaranteed to give you the same results as the original brand toner. It cannot be stressed how much of a difference this can make to a business or busy home user over the course of a year, the savings are huge and all without compromising the quality of the print.

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