Possible causes of failure:

(1) Toner is about to run out, there is no toner in the part of the magnetic roller (usually in the middle of the proof sheet);

(2) Beam mirror is contaminated by toner and other dirt;

(3) scanning light path is blocked by foreign bodies.

Maintenance methods:

if the printer toner is about to run out, the phenomenon of the breakdown of leucorrhea from the beginning of the characters gradually fades, and can still vaguely see the fuzzy characters, etc., then, , And then load it into the printer, and then print one or two sheets to see if the problem disappears or lightens. If so, it indicates that the toner has run out, you should re-add the toner or replace the new toner cartridge.

If it is not the cause of toner exhaustion, it may be a problem scanning the optical path. At this time, you should check whether there is any foreign matter in the scanning optical path blocking the laser path, or whether there is something on the ink cartridge (such as the label is tilted up) to block the optical path. At this time, you can check if there is any foreign matter on the container to block the light path, because some operations use two or three cartridges at the same time to output different requirements of paper or sulfuric acid paper. Therefore, cf217a toner cartridge or powdered cartridges) tend to be marked on the cartridges and other labels, and when used for a long time, these labels tend to tilt up the light path, thus forming a vertical leucorrhea, so if these Foreign body blocking the light path, it should be excluded. If not, then you can check the other parts. In the inspection of other parts, the optional observation of the sample output white stripes (tape) edge of the vertical direction is neat, if the edge is fuzzy, it may be lens pollution, then you should clean the lens. Can open the child, the lens with a clean cotton stained with alcohol gently wipe it dry and then install it to see if the fault is ruled out.

After the above inspection, if the fault persists, check whether the mirror is stuck with the waste toner or dirt. When the mirror sticks with dirt or waste toner, it will cause the reflected light to be exposed to the photosensitive drum so that the drum does not suck toner, so there is no image generation, the output is naturally formed white (with) the fault. At this time, the dirt on the mirror should be removed, use a special brush equipped with a printer or wipe with a clean cotton wool with a little alcohol. In addition, there are some reasons is due to the printer's use of the environment is too wet, the use of mirrors caused by the partial fall off, then only the replacement of the mirror.


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