Correct use of the printer is to extend the life of the printer's premises, in the face of problems, try not to blindly guess how to solve the problem can find after-sales service or maintenance staff to solve.

From the functional structure of the laser printer to be divided into print engines and print controllers. Which in the print engine which includes laser scanners, reflective prisms, cartridges, toner cartridge and other components; and print controller is through the interface or network to communicate with the computer. The print engine transfers the received print to the print paper under the control of the print controller. Print engine is the core of laser printer, laser printer is also an important component of the laser printer, its quality is good or bad to a certain extent, determine the print quality, service life and printing costs. In other words, the quality, cost, and overall life of a laser printer are all dependent on the toner cartridge.
Users now buy laser printers not only ask the price of the machine, but also pay attention to the cost of a single page print, and the cost is mainly related to the cartridge. Because nearly 70% of the imaging components are concentrated in the cartridge, it not only determines the cost per page, but also has a direct impact on print quality. Toner cartridges are consumable supplies that need to be replaced after a period of use. Many enterprise companies fill cf217a toner cartridge to save office costs. Therefore, the longer the toner cartridge life, the lower the cost per page.

Now fierce market competition, laser printer manufacturers gradually focus on print quality, the use of cost, has been constantly seeking technological breakthroughs, hoping to make the life of the cartridge longer. From the cartridge body to points, there are two major integrated and drum powder separation. Integral and drum separation of the difference is that split-type photo conductor drum can be separated, but not integrated. When the toner is exhausted, the user only needs to change the corresponding toner cartridge, so the cost of using the integrated cartridge is higher, and the toner cartridge with separate cartridge has higher cost performance.

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