Users of laser printers know that toner cartridge are always missing when they are used. So what is the cause of toner leakage? How to solve this problem? Leakage may be a part of the damage caused by rupture, then we first find the toner leak in somewhere, and then observe the leakage port is not able to plug, or in the leakage of powder will replace the old components.

Low-coverage printing tends to cause excessive waste toner - Solution: Clean the waste toner bin or use a toner cartridge suitable for low-coverage printing. Excessive waste toner and leakage events are causal relationship, so to solve the leakage of powder can solve the problem of too much waste toner. Excessive waste toner because of the low utilization of toner caused by the original cf230a will have waste toner phenomenon, not to mention the use of toner cartridge. In particular, some low-coverage printing is more likely to lead to the waste of toner led to the early full of waste toner warehouse.

Defective wiper blade caused by dusting - Solution: Unplug the cartridge again to check the cartridge and scraper, or choose a suitable replacement toner cartridge. This is another important cause of leakage. If the printer to buy the second after the increase of flour, because there are a lot of original cartridges are now done as far as possible not to add powder, so that customers buy original supplies. So it is not suitable for the original toner cartridges in the disassembly time is very easy to cause the waste toner warehouse deformation, then it will leak! But not all of the substitute cartridges are suitable for adding powder, some poor quality toner cartridge itself is very bad, you go it whole without distortion it strange! So when you buy cartridge should also be careful, it is best to ask the next familiar friend, buy a reputable brand.

Impurities with large particles between the magnet roller and the squeegee clogged - Solution: Disassemble the toner cartridge and check for impurities. Replacement powder can not be exactly the same as the original powder, in order to avoid problems, it is usually necessary to clean the residual powder in the drum bin, especially if the original drum is added for the first time, otherwise the incompatible toner is mixed Easily lead to waste residue, or even large particles of impurities! However, if the future flour, flour substitute brand, model exactly the same, you can omit this step! Therefore, the proposal to buy a repurchase of the toner cartridge for sustainable future add flour, save more costs, and the effect is not bad with the original!


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