I have a Brother MFC-490CW printer. If you own a brother toner jet printer you already know how outrageously expensive toner cartridge are. I have not had good luck with third party ink cartridges for any ink jet printer I have ever owned, yet I tried again and was blown away by these ink cartridges.

I noted a couple of thing right away. First, my printer uses the box the cartridge came in didn't show my printer. I chalked it up to V4ink cartridges may fit many printers and only a few, probable the most current printers were listed. The second thing was the cartridges didn't look the same, shape wise.

When I installed one I noted when I pulled off the tape as required ink went everywhere. First thought was you can't say the cartridges don't come full. The second was a few drops of ink can make a big mess. Sort of like when you spill a small amount of gasoline on cement, it spreads everywhere.

My printer had been down for awhile so I expected I would have to run the cleaning process and test page a few times to get the printer to print at it's optimum ability. Once I did that the printed produced a good quality print.

Clear ink cartridges so you can see how much ink you have. Cartridges come filled to the brim. Provides a good quality print. Cost! You get 20 cartridges for the price of one sold at a retail store. I like getting so many black cartridges since they get used up faster.

These are differently shaped than OEM brother cartridges. But they click into place and you'll never know the difference once you start printing. And what I really love is that the casing is see through so you can see how much ink is in these. And they are quite full when you get them.

I can't believe I got so many cartridges for this low price.

Unless something completely unexpected occurs with these, I give them a big thumbs up. And if something does happen to alter my opinion, you can be sure that I'll change my rating and expose the truth.

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