Many people doubt that Is there any harm to the human body caused by the toner used in the toner cartridge? If yes, what are the hazards? Toner cartridge in the absence of close environmental protection filling powder, in which small particles (the naked eye can not see) will fly in the air, the human body after repeated exposure to inhalation, the risk of cancer than normal will be higher than 10% The surface modifier polyethylene / polypropylene wax is inhaled into the body, its small particles will be absorbed into the blood circulation system, and ultimately vegetation in the kidneys, very easy to be discharged (because the toner insoluble and water), which The incidence of kidney stones and other diseases caused by the probability of 3 times higher than normal.

In the past, we always thought that cartridges were expensive and could not be easily replaced. cf230x were constantly being refilled with powder over and over again. Cause the following problems occur.

Print is not so bright, the printer often appear jam. Print run often see smoke, smell a smell. Print font skew, rough, from time to time you can see the flash, print the text is not solid, the file stored for some time found the text missing, printing ghosting and so on. Regular contact with the printer's friends occasionally feel breathing difficulties, throat, dizziness and other conditions.

Disposable toner cartridge is about 0.002, with detoxification of about 0.075 after adding powder, about 0.98 with three times of adding powder, and 3-4 times more with air pollution, resulting in a 1.6-fold increase in the chance of illness. Print quality decline 12--25 times. Increase the probability of damage to the machine by 1 times, jams increase the probability of 5 times, causing the end of the gray increase of 5.3 degrees, the blackness of the picture to increase 35 times the color, resolution reduced by 20% Text is not strong increase of 5%, after the waste of environmental pollution 98%. In view of the above problems, it is recommended that users use recycled cartridges, trade-in. .

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